July 14, 2024

Electric Vehicle Design Course – What Can You Learn?

Since EV design involves many different characteristics, such as dynamic performance, interior room, active and passive safety, accessibility, etc., vehicle design is highly complicated. However, the same design concepts apply to conventional automobiles (with internal-combustion engines) and electric vehicles.

This curriculum is offered to give engineers the skill set they need to succeed in the EV market. This program provides four specialisation tracks, each focusing on a crucial aspect of the EV sector. In addition, you can choose to study on the path on which you would like to develop your expertise.

What can you expect to learn from the EV design program?

Following the EV System Design route, you can learn about EVs’ design, modelling, and simulation and their component pieces. In addition, you will learn about battery design and powertrain architecture in this course.

  1. Gain a thorough knowledge of the technology used in electric vehicles, including its many parts and how it functions.
  2. Implement system-level simulations of a full EV employing tools specific to the industry.
  3. Utilising tools and techniques relevant to the business, create and simulate specific components such as power converters, batteries, and motors.
  4. A culminating project will allow you to use your knowledge and resources to create an original electric vehicle from ground zero.
  5. Make yourself stand out as the best choice for varied positions with top EV design and component suppliers and consultancy organisations for the automotive industry.
  6. Design, create, and test software and hardware for electric vehicle components employing programming and integrated systems skills and knowledge.

Where can you sign up for Electric Vehicle Design Course certifications?

  1. Skill-Lync

Skill-Lync provides this training course to help engineers develop the abilities necessary to succeed in the Electric Vehicle market or industry.

Here are a few pros if you choose to study this course through Skill-Lync—

  • The learning track that they select enables students to gain a solid understanding of ideas and software tools.
  • Students have the option to focus on a course of interest.
  • This program exposed students to current trends and recognised business practices.
  1. Udemy

Here are a few things Udemy offers to the students who choose to study the EV course—

  • Application of motor control technology in electric vehicles.
  • Regulations, testing, standards, and safety of hybrid and electric cars.
  • Design of Lithium Batteries and Battery Packs for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • A case study on the electric Nissan Leaf.
  • Practice Exercises on Powertrain Sizing Calculation
  1. DIY Guru

DIY Guru offers a certification course in the basics of electric vehicles. You will get access to the most flexible educational environment with this course. This course is a self-paced, asynchronous, and time-independent online course that can be accessed 24 hours a day for 90 days.


Professionals in the field who hold key engineering positions at EV and auto businesses develop the EV design program. It offers in-depth subject knowledge and mastery of industry-specific techniques to prepare students for engineering careers in the industry.


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