June 21, 2024

What is the concept of a Not Out?

Cricket is a sport that has many concepts that should be understood in order to get a good comprehension of what is happening in a match. Right now betting Pakistan is the best on 1xBet, and the wagering possibilities available cover various aspects of the sport.

A concept that is worth discussing is the not out. It is actually very simple to understand, but it can have many ramifications throughout a cricket match. In simple terms, a batter is considered as not out if he was not dismissed during a particular innings. At this moment the website that provides the best betting options is the 1xBet Pakistan platform, where wagers on lots of things that happen in innings can be made.

The 11th batsman

Normally, cricket teams must select eleven batsmen that will do their job during an innings. It should be remembered that batters always go to the pitch in pairs. This means that when ten batters are already dismissed, the 11th will simply not bat. This is because he will not have a batting partner to do his plays. Don’t forget to bet live match with 1xbet.pk/live, where you can guess on whether a batter will be dismissed from a match.


In this case, the remaining batsman will also be considered as “not out”. This situation normally occurs in games that are not of any kind of limited-overs format. All kinds of formats of this sport offer great wagering situations, and making a live bet on all its matches with 1xBet can definitely be a great choice.

What happens in limited-overs cricket?

There are other ways in which batters can be not out during limited-overs cricket. Of course, there is always the possibility of all of them being dismissed. However, this is quite rare. If you think that these kinds of occurrences will take place, you can go to https://www.1xbet.pk/line/cricket and make wagers on them.


The following variations of cricket have their own way of creating not out situations:


  • T10;
  • Twenty20;
  • and One-Day Internationals.


All of them are limited-overs formats of the sport. This means that many batsmen might be not out by the time that all overs have been played. This is because, by definition, the innings ends when the overs have been exhausted.


For this reason, when looking at cricket statistics and seeing that a batter is not out, there are a few things that should be considered. The most important of them is to see whether he wasn’t out because the innings ran out of overs, or because he was the last in the batting order. By the way, all cricket formats are really entertaining, and you can go to 1xBet to wager on dozens of matches of each kind.

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