May 28, 2024

White Gold jewellery: Know this before buying

Women never get tired of shopping for jewellery. Whether it is their wedding, anniversary, or even birthday, jewellery can be the best gift for any woman. Most women like to shop for jewellery as per the latest trends. Currently, the trend of buying white gold jewellery is on the rise.  However, when you are planning to buy white gold jewellery, knowing about all the important aspects is essential.

White Gold Jewellery – What is it? 

White gold is a blend of pure yellow gold and various other metals. The resulting alloy is white in colour and harder. The other metals that are mixed with pure gold are copper, zinc, palladium, nickel, and silver. The whiteness of the alloy mainly depends on the metal used as well as the proportions of each metal. That is exactly why you will find some white gold jewellery to be whiter while others may have a more yellow tint. 

White gold does have a bright shine. When light falls on it, the white gold jewellery reflects and makes you feel as if you are wearing diamond jewellery. 

Varieties of White Gold Jewellery

With the increase in the popularity of white gold, a wide variety of jewellery pieces are now available. Right from white gold finger rings to earrings, you can find a number of options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular white gold jewellery items available in recent times.

  • White gold dangle earrings
  • White gold pendants
  • White gold bracelets
  • White gold bangles
  • White gold chains

If you are planning to get white gold jewellery for yourself, keep reading to know a few important tips. 

  • Durability of White Gold Jewellery

Buying jewellery is a significant investment. So, you would definitely want the jewellery to last longer. That’s exactly why knowing about durability matters. The good news is that white gold is quite durable. However, the hardness will depend on the purity of the materials. Alloys containing a higher percentage or karat of gold are likely to be softer in comparison to those that contain more of additional metals. So, when buying white gold, make sure to get an idea about the composition to make the right choice and ensure high durability.

  • Karats of White Gold Jewellery

It is a very common fact that the purity of gold is measured in terms of karats. White gold is no different! Most commonly, the white gold jewellery pieces come in 18 karats, 14 karats, and 21 karats. However, various other formulas are evolving in order to get the desired brightness and whiteness of white gold jewellery. On the basis of your specific requirements, you can get your custom jewellery from the reputed jewellers.

  • Plating of White Gold Jewellery

In order to give white gold a brilliant shine, a plating of rhodium is usually applied. The rhodium plating also adds durability and strength to the jewellery piece. No doubt, rhodium is very durable! But how long it will last differs from person to person and depends on their use. When high quality plating is used, you can also use the white gold jewellery as daily wear. However, over time, it is likely to wear off, and it starts looking yellowish. In such a situation, reapplying the rhodium plating again can help transform your jewellery into a brand new one.

Buying White Gold Jewellery from Reputed Jewellers

Now that you know all about white gold jewellery, you might be thinking about where to buy them. The answer to this is a reputed jeweller. Whether you want to buy a 22 karat gold coin or a 14 karat chain, it is always wise to purchase them from an established jeweller. The reputed jewellers can provide you with quality and genuine jewellery pieces. Moreover, you can get to choose from a wide range of options. 


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